Princes Highway at Acacia Road, Oak Road, Kingsway and President Avenue, Kirrawee

The NSW Government is funding this project to ease congestion and improve travel time on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services will continue work on this project. For details of work completed and work coming up, please view the July 2019 project update (PDF, 346Kb).

Our work schedule

Between July and December 2019 we will work five nights and six days a week, weather permitting. Our day work hours will be between 7am and 7pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturdays. Our night work hours will be between 8pm and 5am from Sunday to Friday. We will not work on public holidays.

Traffic and pedestrian changes

Bath Road to Oak Road

Until the end of 2019, there will be a temporary footpath closure along the northern side of Princes Highway between Oak and Bath roads.

Pedestrians will need to walk down Oak Road, along Monro Avenue and up Bath Road as a detour while this closure is in place. There will be no impact to businesses’ driveway access.

All businesses in the work area can also be accessed on foot from Monro Avenue, Oak Road or Bath Road.

Oak Road to Acacia Road

Until the end of 2019, there will be no pedestrian access along or across the Princes Highway service road between Acacia and Oak Roads. A new protected pedestrian path on the northern side of the highway can only be accessed from Acacia Road or Oak Road.

Those walking from north of the Princes Highway to destinations south of the highway must use either Acacia or Oak roads. There will be no access via Kenneth Avenue or Peach Tree Lane.


The Princes Highway is an important urban arterial road, and forms part of the A1 road corridor. The A1 connects the south coast of NSW and Wollongong to Sydney. It also provides access to major roads including the M5 Motorway, A3 King Georges Road, A36 Princes Highway (city) and M1 Pacific Highway.

Road users are currently experiencing congestion due to high volumes of vehicles travelling along the corridor and turning right at the intersections of Acacia Road, Oak Road and Kingsway. In addition, there are currently high volumes of vehicles travelling in both directions on President Avenue and the Princes Highway. These delays are caused by turning vehicles blocking through traffic.

This project aims to ease congestion at these intersections and improve journey reliability for all road users.

Benefits of the project

Benefits include:

  • improved operation of Princes Highway along the corridor and at the intersections with Acacia Road, Oak Road, Kingsway and President Avenue
  • improved safety at the intersections, with a reduction in the number of rear-end crashes and crashes involving motorists changing lanes
  • reduced traffic delays and a better flow of traffic for motorists at all points along the corridor.

Work to date

Since work started in April 2018 we have:

  • started work to upgrade the central median on Princes Highway
  • relocated utilities along Princes Highway
  • extended turning lanes and new medians at the intersection of President Avenue and Acacia Road
  • extended the northbound right turn slip lane on Acacia Road approaching President Avenue
  • installed a new water main
  • completed a new left turn slip lane from Princes Highway onto Kingsway
  • started work on a new retaining wall on the northern side of Princes Highway between Acacia and Oak roads

What's happening next?

  • Night works will continue on Princes Highway.
  • Traffic light upgrades and installation will continue in stages.
  • Construction of the access road will continue.
  • Continued construction of the retaining wall along Princes Highway.
  • Widening of Oak Road to construct a new southbound left turn lane from Oak Road onto Princes Highway.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime invited feedback on the proposal in May and June.2017. A total of 220 submissions were received in response to the display of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF). This included one submission from the Sutherland Shire Council, and 219 submissions from the community. Of the total submissions, 19 were in support of the proposal, two opposed the proposal, 142 did not state a preference on the proposal, and 56 were not relevant to this proposal (ie concerned other proposals of the Gateway to the South Pinch Point Program, or more general road network improvements).

View or download the REF Submissions Report or the August 2017 Community Consultation Report.

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