Heathcote Road intersection improvements

The NSW Government is funded this project as part of its $300 million Gateway to the South Pinch Points Program, which aims to ease congestion and improve journey reliability on Sydney’s key southern corridors.

Princes Highway and Heathcote Road intersection

Updates and announcements

Work has finished on the upgrade of the Heathcote Road intersections with New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, and Princes Highway, Engadine.

For more information please view or download the April 2019 end of work notification (PDF, 391Kb).


Heathcote Road serves Sydney’s southern and southwestern suburbs, as well as Wollongong, the Illawarra and South Coast.

Around 20,000 vehicles pass through the Heathcote Road and Princes Highway intersection every day, while 3000 road users pass through the Heathcote Road and New Illawarra Road intersection every hour during daily peak periods

Currently, a large number of vehicles queue to turn right out of Heathcote Road onto the Princes Highway, causing congestion and delays at the intersection.

Road users also experience delays and queuing at the intersection of New Illawarra Road and Heathcote Road. This is caused by congestion in the right turn lane in the morning peak period and in the left turn lane in the afternoon peak period

Project features

The improvements at Princes Highway and Heathcote Road, Engadine include:

  • widening Heathcote Road to add an additional right turn lane onto Princes Highway
  • maintaining the existing left turn slip lane from Heathcote Road onto Princes Highway.

The improvements at Heathcote Road and New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights include:

  • widening New Illawarra Road to add additional left and right turn lanes onto Heathcote Road
  • installing traffic signals for roads users turning left from New Illawarra Road on to Heathcote Road.

Project benefits

The project will:

  • improve the efficiency and traffic flow at the intersections
  • improve road safety and help reduce the number of crashes
  • ease congestion and improve travel time reliability.

Community engagement

In June 2017, we sought local business, resident and stakeholder feedback on the proposed improvements to the Princes Highway and Heathcote Road intersection. A report on this consultation was published in August 2017.



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