Pinch point upgrade at Great Western Highway, Church Street and Parkes Street, Parramatta

The NSW Government has committed over $825 million to pinch point projects which ease congestion, reduce traffic delays and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services started pre construction work at this intersection on Monday 17 June 2019. View the June 2019 project update (PDF, 304Kb) for more information.

Project background

The NSW Government is funding this proposal as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

As a key connection for western Sydney, the Great Western Highway guides over 30,000 motorists through the Rivers City to reach work, school, the shops and homes. These commuters often experience heavy congestion and long wait times at the Great Western Highway, Church and Parkes streets intersection. Due to the limited turn lanes.

The upgrade includes:

  • relocating the median island on the Great Western Highway to provide an additional right turn lane from the Great Western Highway onto Church Street
  • widening on the western side of Church Street to provide an additional right turn lane from Church Street onto Parkes Street.
  • We will upgrade the intersection by widening Church Street and adjusting medians to create additional turning lanes in each direction.

The upgrade will improve traffic flow through this intersection and improve the journeys of road users travelling through and into Parramatta.

Community benefits

When completed the project will:

  • improve eastbound traffic flow onto Parkes Street and southbound traffic flow for right turning vehicles onto Church Street
  • improve traffic flow for eastbound traffic flow onto Parkes Street
  • ease congestion for motorists transferring between the Great Western Highway and Church Street.

What is a 'pinch point'?

Pinch points are traffic congestion points, intersections or short lengths of road at which a traffic bottleneck exists slowing down the broader network. They cause a build up of traffic and travel delays at these spots and on the wider road network.

Community consultation

Roads and Maritime Services sought feedback from the community and stakeholders in October 2017 on proposed intersection improvements at the Great Western Highway, Church Street and Parkes Street, Parramatta.

No concerns were raised and we have decided to proceed with the proposal.

What happens next?

We will continue updating the community on the progress of this upgrade including work schedules and night work.

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