Henry Lawson Drive and Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra

The project is part of the NSW Government’s $225 million Pinch Point program which aims to reduce delays, manage congestion and maintain travel times on Sydney’s main roads particularly during week day peak periods.

Updates and announcements

This work is now complete and the intersection is open to traffic. Many thanks for your patience while we carried out this work.

Project background

Motorists travelling north on Henry Lawson Drive were experiencing delays during peak periods because vehicles queuing to turn right into Bullecourt Avenue are overflowing into the through lane.

In addition, the left and right turn movements out of Bullecourt Avenue have been identified as problematic and contributing to delays. The tight radius for left turning vehicles from Bullecourt Avenue contributes to the frequency of heavy vehicles mounting the kerb and occupying both approach lanes when turning.

Project objectives and benefits

The aim of the project was:

  • Reduce the frequency of the northbound right turn bay overflowing into the through lane on Henry Lawson Drive at Bullecourt Avenue
  • Facilitate the left and right turn movement out of Bullecourt Avenue to improve traffic flow and safety at the intersection of Henry Lawson Drive
  • Minimise impacts to the surrounding environment, including impacts to the local community.

Key features

  • Extending the northbound right turn bay on Henry Lawson Drive at Bullecourt Avenue by 80 metres
  • Adjusting the left approach lane on Bullecourt Avenue to make it easier for heavy vehicles to turn onto Henry Lawson Drive
  • Adjusting the kerb and gutter alignment on the south eastern side of Bullecourt Avenue at Henry Lawson Drive for left turning vehicles
  • Adjusting the pedestrian crossing and traffic lights to facilitate the changes.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime sought community feedback on this proposal in June 2014.

The Community consultation report identifying the issues and suggestions raised by the community and how they will be addressed is now available.

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