Henry Lawson Drive Upgrade

The NSW Government is funding the planning, development and construction of the upgrade to Henry Lawson Drive between the M5 Motorway, Milperra and Hume Highway, Lansdowne.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services will carry out investigation work for the upgrade of Henry Lawson Drive. The work will include locating underground utilities to inform the design for the project.

Our work area will be along Henry Lawson Drive between Tower Road and the M5 Motorway. We will also work on Milperra Road between Ashford Avenue and Henry Lawson Drive.

For more information about this work view or download our November notification (PDF, 280Kb).


Roads and Maritime Services are investigating a 7.5 kilometre upgrade of Henry Lawson Drive between the M5 Motorway, Milperra and Hume Highway, Lansdowne. The two lane road is expected to be widened to four lanes.

The upgrade will be carried out in stages, with the first stage involving the widening of Henry Lawson Drive, for approximately 2.5 kilometres between the M5 and Tower Road (just north of Milperra Road). Stage one would also include upgrading the intersection of Henry Lawson Drive, Newbridge Road and Milperra Road (including the 1 kilometre length of Milperra Road adjacent to the Bankstown Airport Precinct). The minor bridge south of Auld Avenue will also be widened to accommodate the additional lanes.

The upgrade of Henry Lawson Drive (Stage 1) will provide additional traffic capacity by increasing the number of lanes, leading to improved traffic flow, travel times and safety for all road users.

The project will play a key role in facilitating growth along the corridor including the proposed redevelopment of the Bankstown Airport Precinct.

Where are we now?

The Henry Lawson Drive Upgrade project is now in strategic assessment stage. Site investigations and strategic design are underway with the purpose of informing the options assessment and economic analysis. This process will help determine the preferred alignment for the upgrade (between the M5 and the Hume Highway) and the priority staging of the project for further development, planning approval and construction.

The Henry Lawson Drive Upgrade (M5 to Hume Highway) will be built in stages, subject to funding being made available.

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