Pinch point at Hoxton Park Road and Flowerdale Road, Liverpool

The NSW Government has committed over $825 million to pinch point projects which ease congestion, reduce traffic delays and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads.

Updates and announcements

In September 2017, Roads and Maritime Services invited feedback on the proposal to provide staged pedestrian crossing on the western side of the Hoxton Park Road and Flowerdale Road intersection, Liverpool. Following the consultation period, we progressed with further investigation and design of the proposal.

After further investigation and careful review of the proposal’s aims, design requirements and constraints, we have decided not to progress with the project.

View or download the August 2018 project ceased update (PDF, 458Kb).

Project benefits

The NSW Government investigated this intersection as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

What is a 'pinch point'?

Pinch points are traffic congestion points, intersections or short lengths of road at which a traffic bottleneck exists slowing down the broader network. They cause a build up of traffic and travel delays at these spots and on the wider road network.

Community consultation

Roads and Maritime invited feedback in August and September on Hoxton Park Road and Flowerdale Road intersection. Roads and Maritime did not receive feedback from the community.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime will continue to monitor the Hoxton Park Road and Flowerdale Road intersection and include the intersection in any future investigations to improve the Hoxton Park Road corridor and surrounding road network. We will continue to keep the community informed of any project progress in the area.


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