Expression of Interest - Western Sydney Biodiversity Offsets Program

Roads and Maritime Services is commencing an Expression of Interest (EOI) program for property owners that may be interested in entering a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement on their land.

How do I participate?

For those property owners interested in lodging an EOI, please complete and return the application form by Friday 19 July 2019.

You will be contacted by Roads and Maritime or its contractor to discuss your application, the biodiversity offset scheme process and next steps. Responding to the EOI is obligation free and does not commit you to anything.

Existing credit holders and those that have already undertaken the necessary ecological assessments do not need to respond via the EOI process and are encouraged to contact Roads and Maritime directly.

What is biodiversity offsetting?

Roads and Maritime seek to minimise and avoid impacts on biodiversity from road and other infrastructure projects. When building roads, sometimes land available for wildlife (biodiversity) is lost and needs to be compensated for. When impacts cannot be avoided, Roads and Maritime compensate for biodiversity by ‘offsetting’ in a different place.

The Biodiversity Offset Scheme provides:

  • a consistent biodiversity assessment process for development
  • a rigorous and credible offsetting scheme
  • an opportunity for rural property owners to generate income by managing land for conservation.

Under this scheme, property owners enter a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement and can then sell the biodiversity credits generated by their properties. The scheme is a voluntary process.

Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements provide an opportunity for property owners to receive a guaranteed long-term income in return for managing some or all of their land for wildlife.

Candidate Local Government Areas

EOI are sought from the following Local Government Areas on the Cumberland Plain including:

  • Penrith
  • Wollondilly
  • Wingecarribee
  • Oberon
  • Liverpool
  • Camden
  • Campbelltown
  • Blacktown
  • Hawkesbury

What vegetation types and species will qualify under the EOI program?

We are seeking properties with native vegetation (including Cumberland Plain Woodland, River-flat Eucalypt Forest and freshwater wetlands) and native species (including Regent Honey Eater, Marsdenia viridiflora and Pultenaea parviflora).

Cumberland Plain woodland
Cumberland Plain woodland
Freshwater wetlands
Freshwater wetlands
River flat eucalyptus forest
River flat eucalyptus forest

What is involved in the EOI process?

The EOI process offers suitable property owners the opportunity to have their land assessed for its biodiversity values, free of charge.

Roads and Maritime will also support property owners financially to understand the legal and practical implications of entering a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement over their land.

In return, Roads and Maritime will:

  • expect landholders to sign an Exclusivity Agreement with Roads and Maritime
  • retain ownership of all assessment reports prepared
  • discount the costs of preparing the assessment from the credit price.
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