M12 Motorway

The Australian and NSW governments are proposing to build a new motorway as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP), a 10 year, $3.6 billion road investment program.

The new motorway will provide direct access to the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek and connect to Sydney’s motorway network.

Updates and announcements

M12 Motorway - community consultation report published

Between 22 February and 23 March 2018, Roads and Maritime invited community feedback on the preliminary design and access strategy for the M12 Motorway.

Community members provided feedback, made comments and submissions at one of our three information sessions, via the project’s online portal, or through mail, email or phone contact with the project team.

The comments and our responses to them are detailed in the community consultation report (PDF, 2.2Mb). Additionally, a technical report 1.7Mb) is also available that supplements the community consultation report.

You can view more information about the M12 Motorway, including an animation and the access strategy, at our M12 Portal or the most recent community update (PDF, 4.4Mb).

For information on the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail please visit the Western Sydney Parklands website.

Project snapshot

  • Start date of major construction: early 2020s
  • Expected completion date: before the opening of the Western Sydney Airport
  • Funding: Australian and NSW governments

Project background

The new M12 Motorway would provide direct access to Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek and connect to Sydney’s motorway network.

The corridor route is an east-west 16 kilometre motorway between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham. The motorway would provide increased road capacity and reduce congestion and travel times in the future. It would also improve the movement of freight in and through western Sydney and is expected to serve the Western Sydney Airport Growth Area and the Western Sydney Employment Area.


  • Direct access to Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek from the M7 Motorway and the upgraded The Northern Road
  • Improved access to the Western Sydney Airport Growth Area and the South West Priority Land Release Area
  • Increased road capacity for future growth and development
  • Improved traffic safety for road users
  • Pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure
  • Improved freight movement to key commercial centres
  • Reduced congestion impact on the community and businesses by providing more capacity.

Key features

  • An east-west 16 kilometre motorway between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham
  • A motorway built for four lanes (with provision for up to six lanes) with a central median to separate opposing traffic flows
  • A direct connection to Western Sydney Airport
  • A new at grade connection to The Northern Road with traffic lights
  • Provision for a motorway-to-motorway interchange at the M7 Motorway
  • Provision for a future grade-separated interchange in the vicinity of Devonshire Road/Mamre Road.

M12 Motorway route changes

After a corridor route was announced in November 2016, the Greater Sydney Commission and the Western Sydney Parklands Trust shared their early plans for future land use in western Sydney and the Parklands. As the identified corridor directly affected those plans, Roads and Maritime investigated changes to the route through the Western Sydney Parklands.

Wylde Mountain Bike Trail

The preferred M12 Motorway route will require changes to the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail.  This will involve temporary closures to parts of the bike trail while we redesign or modify the trail. Roads and Maritime is consulting with Bicycle NSW and the Western Sydney Parklands Trust to redesign or modify the bike trail as required. Roads and Maritime is committed to ensuring the bike trail continues to operate as a high quality service for the community.

Details and timing of closures are yet to be determined. If any disruption is proposed, the mountain biking community will be provided with advanced notice. The relocated bike trail is expected to be completed prior to the start of construction of the M12 Motorway in 2022.

Please visit the Western Sydney Parklands Trust website for more information on changes to the Wylde Mountain Bike Trail.

M12 Motorway planning and environmental investigations

Roads and Maritime started detailed site investigations, including flora and fauna, Aboriginal cultural heritage, land contamination, traffic and noise in November 2016. These investigations helped contribute to the current preliminary design and will continue as the project develops.

Future investigation work will include socio-economic factors, geotechnical, water quality, air quality, land use and flooding. These investigations will further inform the design of the project and assist with the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), expected to be exhibited for comment in 2019. The EIS will address the potential impact of the M12 Motorway and outline measures to reduce and manage environmental concerns or issues.

Other planned transport projects, including Western Sydney Airport, will be taken into account during design development.

What happens next?

Following consultation, a report summarising comments received and our responses will be published on the Roads and Maritime website. All comments received will be considered in the decision-making process and for the development of the concept design.

Roads and Maritime will actively look at ways to further reduce the impact of the M12 Motorway on the community. The corridor route is generally 300 metres wide, however the final width of the motorway corridor (i.e. the final road reserve for the motorway) would be around 150 metres typically, wider around intersections/ interchanges. The reduced corridor will be included in the display of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2019.

Construction is expected to start in the early 2020s, subject to approval.

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