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The M5 South West Motorway is a 22km tolled road with two lanes in each direction between Camden Valley Way, Prestons and King Georges Road, Beverly Hills. It is operated by Interlink Roads. It forms part of the M5 transport corridor, the main passenger, commercial and freight route between Sydney Airport, Port Botany and south west Sydney.

It is also a key part of the Sydney Orbital Network, a series of interconnected roads that link key areas of the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region. The M5 West Widening project was approved on 9 November 2011.

The M5 West Widening project was approved on 9 November, 2011.

The project will expand the South West Motorway generally from two to three lanes in each direction and will reduce travel times for motorists using the motorway and surrounding roads and support planned residential and employment growth in south west Sydney.

The M5 West widening project includes:

  • One additional lane in each direction on the M5 South West Motorway for the majority of its length
  • A new operations management control system, including up-to date travel time information for drivers on variable message signs situated on the motorway and surrounding arterial roads
  • A new operations management control building situated near the existing toll plaza at Hammondville
  • Bridge and underpass upgrades at Queen Street, Nuwarra Road and De Meyrick Avenue
  • Six kilometres of new noise walls, twelve kilometres of heightened noise walls and individual noise treatments installed at more than 200 properties.


The project will deliver the following benefits to the community and road users:

  • Reduce congestion on the motorway
  • Support long term residential and employment growth in Sydney's south-west
  • Improve access between key population hubs, commercial and economic centres such as the Western Sydney Employment Hub
  • Increase capacity to service Sydney's existing and future transport demands
  • Improve travel times for individuals and businesses
  • Improve traffic management with a new motorway control centre at Hammondville
  • Improve safety and provide early warning alerts for drivers on the motorway and arterial networks by providing additional variable message signs.
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