Environmental assessment

Separate environmental assessments will be undertaken on two sections of the M5 corridor.

  • Section 1 assessment: M5 South West Motorway - Camden Valley Way at Prestons to King Georges Road at Beverly Hills (M5 West widening project) - underway
  • Section 2 assessment: M5 East expansion to improve road access from King Georges Road to the M5 East tunnels to the airport, the port and the industrial land uses to the north of the airport.

The M5 West widening project has been declared critical infrastructure and an environmental assessment was prepared under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979) and published from 22 September to 29 October, 2010.

To view or download the environmental assessment documents go to the project documents page.

The M5 West Widening Submissions and Preferred Project Report, May 2011 describes the issues raised during exhibition of the environmental assessment and provides responses to those issues. It also describes and assesses the changes that have been made to the proposal since the public display of the environmental assessment documents in September/October 2010.

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