Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road corridor upgrade

The Australian and NSW Governments are planning to widen and upgrade Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road to support current and future traffic demands and expected growth in the area. This includes $100 million to fast-track the first stage of the corridor upgrade between Jeanette Street, Regentville and Blaikie Road, Jamisontown.

Photo of Mulgoa Road  looking north from the M4 Motorway
Photo of Mulgoa Road looking north from the M4 Motorway

Project background

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading 6.5 kilometres of the Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road corridor between Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park and Andrews Road, Penrith. Mulgoa Road is a State arterial road and a main access route from Penrith to the M4 Motorway.

The Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road corridor connects Penrith’s Local Government Area, including its central business district, with other parts of greater Sydney. The improved road will improve road safety and reduce the congestion and traffic delays currently experienced.

The corridor carries significant traffic volumes of up to 3800 vehicles per hour during morning and afternoon peak periods.

There are a number of key developments served by Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road that have increased population, employment and traffic congestion in the area. These include Penrith Panthers Entertainment precinct, Penrith Station, Riverlink precinct, Penrith Stadium, Penrith Lakes and the Penrith Homemaker Centre, as well as the new urban land releases at Glenmore Park and Thornton.

The Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road corridor has been divided into five sections for planning and delivery.

  • Mulgoa Road, Penrith – Union Road to Museum Drive including Railway Bridge (construction started in December 2018)
  • Mulgoa Road, Jamisontown – Jeanette Street to Blaikie Road including M4 Motorway (construction planned to begin in 2020)
  • Mulgoa Road, Glenmore Park – Glenmore Parkway to Jeanette Street (pre-design, short term upgrade)
  • Castlereagh Road, Penrith – Museum Drive to Coreen Avenue (pre-design, short-term upgrade)
  • Castlereagh Road, Penrith Lakes – Lugard Street to north of Andrews Road (pre-design, short-term upgrade)
  • Mulgoa Road, Penrith/Jamisontown – Blaikie Road to Union Road (pre-design, medium-term upgrade)
  • Castlereagh Road, North Penrith – Coreen Avenue to Lugard Street (pre-design, long-term upgrade.
Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road corridor map (PDF, 1.23Mb)
Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road corridor map (PDF, 1.23Mb)

Project benefits

The preferred option would:

  • improve road capacity to cater to population and employment growth
  • manage congestion and delays along Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road during peak periods
  • reduce travel times and transport costs
  • improve road safety for all users
  • facilitate the movement of goods and trucks
  • create better access to public transport
  • provide safe and effective pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • improve urban design and visual aspects of the road corridor.

Key features

The preferred option includes:

  • three lanes in each direction
  • upgraded intersections – including traffic light intersections at Andrews Road, Coreen Avenue and Glenmore Parkway
  • bus priority at intersections
  • a separated path for pedestrians and cyclists on the eastern side
  • a footpath on the western side
  • landscaping along the corridor.


Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road upgrade Striding Ahead

26 October 2018

Ministerial media release

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