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In September 2012, Roads and Maritime Services consulted with the community on three possible bridge designs.  Feedback from the community raised concerns about the impacts of the displayed options:

  • Option 1 - CM+ cable stayed bridge
  • Option 2 - Roads and Maritime Services cable stayed bridge
  • Option 3 - Roads and Maritime Services I girder bridge

Subsequently, all options were reviewed, including those not originally displayed for comment and a preferred bridge design has been selected.

In response to issues raised by the community, the NSW Government revisited the bridge designs sought for the Preliminary Bridge Design Options Report including the KI Studio truss bridge.

The KI Studio design has been chosen as the preferred option as it best addresses the main concerns raised by the community, including the requirement for a wide clear span underneath the bridge for rowing activities.

The bridge design also meets the option selection assessment criteria and the objectives of promoting Penrith as a river city.

Roads and Maritime recognises the Nepean River has high scenic value and the bridge needs to be designed very carefully.

Urban designers and bridge engineers have worked together to achieve the following objectives:

  • Visual appeal
    Provide a bridge that is a regionally significant structure and optimises views of the Nepean Valley and Victoria Bridge.
  • Provide opportunity for engaging with the river
    Be a destination connecting the river to Penrth and Emu Plains with opportunities created for people to engage with the river.
  • Fit with surrounding area
    Respect the setting and place and be sensitive to adjacent residents' privacy by considering the noise and lighting impacts.
  • Fit for purpose
    Provide a shared use crossing that is flood proof, comfortable and safe to use. It also needs to be cost effective and fit within the Government's funding commitment.
  • Constructability and maintenance
    Be practical to construct and have minimal maintenance requirements.

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