Pitt Town bypass

The NSW Government is planning a bypass of Pitt Town to reduce traffic through the town centre and improve traffic flow and safety for road users.

Pitt Town Road and Glebe Road intersection, looking north.
Pitt Town Road and Glebe Road intersection, looking north.

Updates and announcements

Pitt Town bypass - project approved

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) was displayed for community consultation in late 2018. Roads and Maritime has reviewed all submissions received and the project has now received approval to proceed.


Roads and Maritime Services recently started early planning work to progress the Pitt Town bypass proposal as a result of residential development to the north of Pitt Town. The objective is to realign the road corridor so through traffic doesn’t travel into the town centre.

The NSW Government has provided funding for early planning work, community consultation and property acquisition for the proposed corridor.

Key features and benefits

The key features of the proposal include:

  • Extending Pitt Town Road past Bathurst Street onto Cattai Road, east of Eldon Street
  • Installing a new single lane roundabout at Eldon Street and Old Pitt Town Road
  • Closing a portion of Cattai Road to maintain access to Buckingham Street
  • Providing new crossings of Hortons Creek
  • Installing a new single lane roundabout at Pitt Town Road/Bathurst Street and Glebe Road.
  • The total length of the upgrade is approximately 1km.

The benefits of the proposed bypass would include:

  • Reduced traffic volumes through the centre of Pitt Town, including heavy vehicle traffic
  • More reliable travel times on Pitt Town Road and Cattai Road
  • Improved safety for road users
  • Improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime will continue planning and development of the detailed design based on the preferred design option.

We will continue to consult with the community and key stakeholders as the proposal progresses.


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