Richmond Intersection Improvements

The Australian and NSW Governments are improving traffic conditions at key intersections on approach to Richmond Bridge.

These upgrades project will improve travel times and traffic flows for North Richmond and Richmond road users during peak periods.

Photo of Richmond intersection improvements

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime began upgrading the Bells Line of Road, Grose Vale Road and Terrace Road intersection in June 2017 and the work is now complete. The intersection upgrade will ease congestion for local residents and commuters travelling to Richmond. View the July 2019 project update (PDF, 327kb) to learn more.

We thank the community for their patience while we delivered this work.

Project background

The Australian and NSW Governments are aiming to reduce congestion on Kurrajong Road, March Street and Bells Line of Road approaches to Richmond Bridge. The Australian Government has provided $18 million in funding to improve traffic conditions at three intersections in three stages:

Stage 1 - Kurrajong Road and Old Kurrajong Road, Richmond -  Project complete

The upgrades included:

  • widening to create  a dedicated right turn lane from Kurrajong Road onto Old Kurrajong Road for motorists travelling south
  • creating a dedicated left turn lane from Old Kurrajong Road onto Kurrajong Road including an acceleration lane to improve traffic flow.

Stage 2 - Bells Line of Road and Grose Vale Road, North Richmond - Project complete

The upgrades included:

  • creating two westbound lanes on Bells Line of Road from Pitt Lane to ease congestion for motorists crossing the Hawkesbury River into North Richmond
  • providing a second right turn lane onto Bells Line of Road by widening Grose Vale Road to improve traffic flow towards Richmond
  • extending each Bells Line of Road right turn lane onto Terrace Road and Grose Vale Road to reduce travel times for road users travelling between Richmond and North Richmond
  • upgrading pedestrian crossings to improve safety for pedestrians.

Stage 3 - March Street and Bosworth Street, Richmond

Roads and Maritime carried out the congestion study in two stages. In Stage 1 Roads and Maritime analysed the cause of traffic congestion and investigated the structural suitability of the existing Richmond Bridge. The Stage1 Report was exhibited in July 2012 and a workshop was held at North Richmond to present the findings and to receive community comments. This meeting with community and other key stakeholders provided valuable information to better understand community views about improving the traffic flow in the short-term and their vision for long-term strategic options.

Roads and Maritime received a wide range of constructive comments which have been considered in detail by the project team. These comments have been summarised in a community issues report and will help to further develop local plans to relieve traffic congestion.

The Stage 2 study focuses on the long-term options centered on the existing bridge and road corridor between Richmond and North Richmond.

Roads and Maritime has published the Richmond Bridge and Approaches Congestion Study - Preferred Short-term and Long-term Options Report, which recommends short-term (2021) and long-term (2036) options to address congestion on Richmond Bridge and its approaches.

The study assessed traffic movements, considered environmental and heritage and safety concerns and the bridge’s structural integrity.

In addition to the $2 million funding to the Richmond Bridge and approaches congestion study, the Australian Government has committed $18 million in funding to improve the traffic conditions for this key location.

The study identified the Kurrajong Road/Bells Line of road intersections with Grose Vale Road, Yarramundi Lane and Bosworth Street as locations for improvements to help reduce and manage congestion until 2021.

Community benefits

  • Ease congestion
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Increase road user and pedestrian safety
  • Lower travel times

Community consultation

In August 2014, Roads and Maritime invited feedback from local businesses, residents and stakeholders on Stage 1, which involves upgrading the intersection at Kurrajong Road, March Street and Old Kurrajong Road, Richmond.

Following assessment of this feedback, Roads and Maritime proceeded with the project. A copy of the Community Consultation Report for the proposal which summarises the comments, responses and details of the decision has been released. A Community Consultation report for the proposed night work schedule for Stage 2 at the intersection of Bells Line of Road and Grose Vale Road, North Richmond has also been prepared.

What happens next?

We will be updating you as we progress to the next stage of this project.

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