Project documents

Submissions Report - December 2018

Main report

Apppendix A - Public Display Notice - June 2017

Appendix B - Business Impact Assessment - June 2018

Environmental Investigation Report - June 2017

Appendix A - concept design drawings

Appendix B - general arrangement drawing

Appendix C - neutral or beneficial effect on water quality assessment

Appendix D - ISEPP consultation check list

Appendix E - traffic impact assessment report

Appendix F - noise and vibration assessment report

Appendix G - operational traffic related air quality

Appendix H - contamination assessment report

Appendix K - cultural heritage assessment report (Aboriginal Heritage)

June 2017

Appendix L - statement of heritage impact (non Aboriginal heritage)

Appendix M - landscape and visual impact assessment report

Community Consultation Report - July 2016

Preferred Corridor Option Report - August 2015

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