Camp Street Bridge replacement

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to replace the Camp Street Bridge over Lake Forbes to improve safety for road users and help reduce future maintenance costs.

Visualisation of the new bridge
Visualisation of the new bridge

Updates and announcements

The lights on Camp Street Bridge will be turned off on Wednesday 13 March with temporary lighting put in place until the bridge replacement which is expected to start in September.  

The existing lamp posts on the bridge will be reused in the landscaping approaches on the new bridge and the remaining lights will be gifted to Forbes Shire Council.

Work to relocate the power and water utilities from the bridge has been completed and temporary solar lighting will be installed from 13 March to maintain pedestrian and road safety.

In order to install the temporary lighting, there will be temporary traffic control on the bridge between 10am and 3pm on Wednesday 13 March including lane closures and a 40 km/h speed limit. The work has been scheduled to avoid the morning and afternoon peak travel times.


The Camp Street Bridge was built in 1927 and is narrow, in poor condition and nearing the end of its life.

A new bridge is needed to meet current design standards and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians into the future.

A new bridge across Lake Forbes will improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and reduce future maintenance requirements.

The project involves building a new, wider bridge across Lake Forbes with wider travel lanes and pedestrian/cyclist paths.

The design includes landscaping suitable to the surrounding lakeside environment. The lamp posts from the existing bridge will be incorporated in the design to complement the town's heritage aesthetics.

Project benefits

  • Improving road user safety through wider travel lanes, improved road approaches and pedestrian/cyclist paths across the new bridge
  • Improving connections for pedestrians and cyclists between both sides of Lake Forbes
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs
  • Improved environmental outcomes by managing stormwater runoff from the road into Lake Forbes
  • Retaining the lamp posts in the landscape design on the approach to bridge, to reference the past and link the bridge to the heritage aesthetic of the town
  • Unique design to provide an iconic structure for the Forbes community for the future.

Next steps

A heavy vehicle detour will be implemented prior to the demolition of the current bridge. To allow heavy vehicles to cross Iron Bridge, maintenance work will be completed and traffic lights will be installed. Maintenance work on Iron Bridge has commenced with traffic lights to be installed on the bridge by May 2019.

We will continue to liaise with impacted stakeholders and the Forbes community during the construction period.

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