Holman Bridge replacement - Bridges for the Bush

Holman Bridge is located about one kilometre north of Gooloogong on Main Road 237 - Nanima Road. The existing timber bridge was built in 1904 and is a De Burgh truss span bridge. The bridge is narrow and in poor condition.

The new bridge open to traffic. The old bridge appears to the left of the new bridge.

Updates and announcements

January 2018

As part of this project, the laying of the final road surface on the new Holman Bridge will be carried out on Monday 22 January 2018 between 8am and 1pm, weather permitting.

There will be some temporary traffic changes to make sure the work area is safe.

The bridge will be closed during the above times and this may affect travel time. A nearby detour will be signposted for all vehicles to use. The detour will add about five additional kilometres.

April 2017

Work continues on the demolition of the Old Holman Bridge with the remaining two concrete piers expected to be removed by mid-2017, weather permitting.

December 2015

The new Gooloogong bridge was completed three months ahead of schedule and was opened to traffic in February 2015 with much fanfare from the local community.

Roads and Maritime has a commitment to work with the local community to preserve the history of the old Holman Bridge by ‘souveniring’ relevant sections of the bridge structure to be displayed at a later date.

September 2013

Work on the bridge started in September 2013 and is progressing well. The girders for the waterway spans were recently installed using a large 500 tonne mobile crane. Roads and Maritime’s road crew will return to the site in late September 2014 to continue working on the approaches to the bridge.

The new bridge is expected to be opened to traffic early 2015, weather permitting.

Project background

The existing timber bridge was built in 1904 and is a De Burgh truss span bridge. The bridge is narrow and in poor condition.

The NSW Government is providing $16.4 million for the replacement of Holman Bridge as part of the Bridges for the Bush program to improve road freight productivity in Rural and Regional NSW.

NSW Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay said "Roads are the key transport mode for country residents and the NSW Government is determined to upgrade them. Even though times are tough, it's important to invest in vital transport infrastructure to help boost economic growth. A strong regional economy is important for a strong NSW and ensuring rural industries can get their goods to our international gateways as quickly and efficiently as possible is vital.”

The Nanima Road is a regional road linking Grenfell and Orange and provides access to the villages of Gooloogong and Canowindra. The road passes over the Holman Bridge about one kilometre north of Gooloogong. The Holman Bridge is a 246 metre long De Burgh timber truss span bridge built in 1904. The bridge is narrow and in poor condition and Roads and Maritime Services is spending funds maintaining the existing timber structure. Current expenditure represents about 20 per cent of the annual bridge maintenance budget which is not considered to be sustainable in the long term.The existing timber bridge is being replaced with a concrete super-T girder structure.

Roads and Maritime has already consulted with local businesses, residents, local council and other key stakeholders.

Roads and Maritime also recognises the historical significance of Holman Bridge to the community and consulted with Gooloogong and Eugowra historical societies to discuss ways of ensuring the bridge's history and its influence on Gooloogong and surrounds, are properly recorded and preserved as part of this project.

Roads and Maritime will continue to maintain the existing Holman Bridge while the new bridge is being built.

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