Katoomba to Mount Victoria Safety Upgrade

The Australian and New South Wales governments are upgrading the Great Western Highway between Katoomba and Lithgow for easier, faster and safer travel between Katoomba and Lithgow.

Great Western Highway at Blackheath
Great Western Highway at Blackheath

Updates and announcements

Access between Hargraves Street, Blackheath and Great Western Highway closed until end of July

As part of the safety upgrade we are improving the intersection of Great Western Highway and Hargraves Street, Blackheath.

To help carry out this work, we have closed access between Hargraves Street and the Great Western Highway.

Our work at this intersection is not yet complete and is currently ongoing. To complete work and open the intersection to traffic, we will need to keep this access closed until the end of July 2019, weather permitting. Our work hours will remain 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

The existing vehicle detour will remain in place until the work is completed.

Electronic signs will remain in place along the Great Western Highway to notify motorists.

We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding while we complete the work in this location.

Project background

Roads and Maritime Services is continuing safety upgrade work at Blackheath. We are improving road safety in Blackheath by widening the highway shoulders and providing dedicated turn lanes and other safety work.

This is the final section of work to be delivered under the $250 million Katoomba to Lithgow safety upgrades package. Road users are experiencing safer journeys and improved travel times from completed upgrades now open to traffic at Forty Bends, Hartley Valley and Mount Victoria village.

Roads and Maritime prepared a Review of Environmental Factors to examine the potential impacts of the proposed upgrade to the Great Western Highway, Katoomba to Mount Victoria, and outline measures to reduce and manage the impacts. More than 100 submissions were received after the display of the Katoomba to Mount Victoria Review of Environmental Factors in early 2016.

Project benefits

The safety upgrade will improve traffic flow and road user safety at 13 intersections along the Great Western Highway, including the major intersection in Blackheath of the Great Western Highway, Govetts Leap Road and Bundarra Street.

The final design for the intersection includes right and left turn bays to:

  • reduce the chance of rear end crashes by moving vehicles waiting to turn right out of the path of through traffic
  • improve traffic flow, allowing drivers to travel through Blackheath at a consistent and safer speed


As a result of community feedback, the project has been through a series of design refinements which considered environmental impact and available funding, while meeting the objective to improve safety along the route.

Roads and Maritime acknowledges community feedback about the work proposed for the Hill 33 area between Hargraves and Jellicoe streets. As a result of this feedback Roads and Maritime has been meeting with local community group representatives to hear further feedback about how we can improve the urban design appearance of the road cutting on the southern side of the highway.

The revised proposal includes extensive planting of shrubs behind the kerb to screen the cutting from view and maintain the bush land character in this area. Every effort has been made to minimise the loss of trees associated with the road safety upgrade. However, some tree removal is still needed.

Following completion of the highway safety upgrade the project area will be landscaped with trees, shrubs and ground covers. The landscape design aims to retain the qualities of the Blue Mountains highway experience.

The work is expected to be complete and the upgrade open to traffic in late 2019, weather permitting.

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