Environmental impact statement

Environmental assessments and approvals

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Moree bypass was released on 29 August 2002.  Following community consultation the Representations Report and the Preferred Activity Report were completed in October 2003.

The then Minister assisting the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning approved the Moree town centre bypass on 20 July 2004 subject to the Conditions of Approval.

This activity was modified by the Review of Environmental Factors – Alignment Option 4 determined 15 June 2005.

What is the proposal?

The Moree town centre bypass involves the construction of a 4.4 kilometre realignment of the Newell Highway between Bullus Drive, to the south of the town centre, and a position to the north-east of the Moree Racecourse, to the north-east of the town centre.

The bypass includes:

  • Upgrading of the Bullus Drive/Newell Highway intersection.
  • Providing a new route through east Moree between Gosport Street and the railway line and allowing Gosport Street to remain as a service road.
  • Constructing a new signalised intersection with the Gwydir Highway in close proximity to the railway line.
  • A new road bridge crossing the Mehi River.
  • Construction of the Newell Highway on a new alignment to the east of Moree Racecourse.
  • Noise mitigation measures where appropriate.
  • Landscaping

The existing Newell Highway passes along Balo Street through the Moree town centre. The large proportion of heavy vehicle traffic contributes to congestion, pedestrian conflict, noise and loss of amenity within the town centre. The proposed bypass would result in the removal of about ninety percent of the heavy vehicles from the town centre greatly enhancing the safety and amenity of shoppers, residents and workers using the Moree central business district.

A detailed environmental management plan has been completed, which included a noise and vibration management plan.  The plan outlined how potential environmental issues would be managed throughout the construction phase of the project.  The Community Liaison Group and Moree Plains Shire Council have provided input into this planning.

When was the EIS published?

The EIS was published in August 2002.

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