Parkes Bypass

The New South Wales Government is providing $6 million for planning for the potential Newell Highway upgrade at Parkes. This work is part of the $500 million Newell Highway upgrade program.

Roads and Maritime Services has started planning for the potential upgrade of the Newell Highway at Parkes by reviewing options for new and existing routes. The planning has built on a previous Parkes Shire Council proposal for a Western ring road.

Community feedback was invited on the proposed 10.5 kilometre concept below from December 2016 to February 2017. Roads and Maritime are currently working through the feedback that will be used to inform the REF (Review of Environmental Factors) and concept design.

Map of the proposed concept. Click for a larger version (PDF, 1.5Mb).
Map of the proposed concept. Click for a larger version (PDF, 1.5Mb).

Updates and announcements

July 2017

Investigation work involving drilling test pits and bore holes and carrying out ground condition investigations has recently been carried out as planning continues on the proposed Parkes Bypass.

In response to feedback received during the consultation earlier this year, the people of Parkes are being asked for their feedback via surveys being carried out with businesses, residents and visitors to get a better gauge of the potential impacts of the Parkes Bypass.

Data from these surveys will provide an analysis on the economic issues relating to trade and business in Parkes.

The information gathered from the surveys will provide important feedback on the expected economic impact which will inform the review of environmental factors (REF) and the design for the new road.

The REF will contain a number of specialist reports including, amongst others, impacts on noise, wildlife, economic and visual impacts. It will be placed on public display and further community feedback invited for comment in 2018.

Project objectives

Upgrade of the Newell Highway at Parkes aims to improve:

  • Freight efficiency and productivity
  • Access for high productivity vehicles (double road trains, B-triples, AB triples) through Parkes as well as providing a link to existing road train routes to the west
  • Safety of the railway level crossings
  • Travel times at Forbes Road level crossing (near Hartigan Avenue) and the Welcome level crossing
  • Pedestrian access in Parkes particularly across Bogan Street
  • Access to Parkes National Logistics Hub
  • The attractiveness of Parkes as a place to live and work
  • East-west traffic flow in Parkes, particularly Henry Parkes Way to Orange and Condobolin.

Project features

The new highway west of Parkes would be about 10.5km long and would include:

  • Leaving the existing highway north of Parkes near Maguire Road
  • Building a new road in the travelling stock reserve to the west of Parkes
  • Building a bridge over the Parkes-Broken Hill railway line over double stacked trains
  • Building a new road west of the golf course from the railway line to Barkers Road
  • Continuing the new road to reconnect with the Newell Highway south of Parkes near Barkers Road.

Project benefits

  • Increased access for the road trains
  • New bridge over railway lines to minimise delays and improve safety
  • Improved amenity and pedestrian access in Parkes by reducing the number of heavy vehicles through the town centre
  • Improved safety for road users
  • Improved traffic flow in Parkes, particularly roads to Orange and Condobolin
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