Newell Highway upgrade at Coonabarabran

The New South Wales Government is providing $11.5 million for planning of an upgrade of the Newell Highway at Coonabarabran. This work is part of the $500 million Newell Highway upgrade program.

The NSW Government is committed to improving connectivity and safety for all road users including freight vehicles along the Newell Highway. Roads and Maritime Services are in the planning phase of developing a Coonabarabran Bypass that will reduce travel time and increase safety of road users and pedestrians. The project will keep trucks off the local streets, and reduce noise and air pollution in town.

There will be ongoing community and stakeholder consultation throughout the planning phase of the project. The first opportunity the community will have to provide feedback will be in mid 2019 when the strategic route options for project will go on public display and the community will be asked to consider the proposed options.

Project objectives

  • Improve freight efficiency and productivity
  • Upgrade the Newell Highway to support heavy vehicle access for HPV PBS3 (a) vehicles (36.5 metre B-Triples and Type 2 Road Trains) (see Heavy vehicle classifications for more information)
  • Connecting rural communities to major regional facilities
  • Improve travel efficiency
  • Enhance road safety for all road users
  • Reduce impact on the environment

Project options features

  • Construction of a Bypass
  • Widen the road
  • Upgrade pavement
  • Bridge upgrade for reducing the impact of flood of the Castlereagh River
  • Newell Highway and Oxley High intersection upgrade

Project benefits

  • Reduce travel time
  • Less trucks on local streets
  • Cut cost for vehicle operators
  • Improve motorist and pedestrian safety
  • Reduce noise and air pollution in town
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce conflict between local traffic and heavy vehicles
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