Tulladunna Bridge replacement – Bridges for the Bush

The Tulladunna Bridge, over the Namoi River, is on the Kamilaroi Highway about two kilometres west of Wee Waa. The Kamilaroi Highway is the most direct route from the Great Divide to Bourke in north-west NSW.

New Tulladunna Bridge opens a month ahead of schedule

May 2016

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay and Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries officially opened the new Tulladunna Bridge on 23 May, a month ahead of schedule.

Minister Gay said the new $12.2 million bridge located on the Kamilaroi Highway near Wee Waa will provide a continuous 500-kilometre route from Bourke to Narrabri for freight trucks carrying cotton, livestock, wool, hay and farm machinery.

“Wee Waa is recognised as the cotton capital of Australia, with one of the country’s leading cotton warehouse and packing facilities – Namoi Cotton Co-operative is located just outside the town centre,” Minister Gay said.

“We want to ensure freight movements in and out of the area are efficient because this keep costs down for freight operators, at the farm gate and has flow benefits through the community.

The project involved building a new wider and longer concrete bridge with no mass or height restrictions, under the NSW Government’s Bridges for the Bush program.

This project has benefitted the local community in more than one way with it also supporting local businesses and provided 20 more jobs.

For more information please see the media release.

Photo: Conrad Bolton, Mayor of Narrabri, Duncan Gay, Minister for Roads and Freight, Wee Waa Central School Captains Mark Coulton, Member for Parkes, Kevin Humphries, Member for Barwon and Eric Shegog, General Manager, Roads and Maritime Services Freight and Regional Program Office cut the ribbon to open the Tulladunna Bridge.

Project background

The Tulladunna Bridge near Wee Waa is being replaced as part of the Bridges for the Bush program to improve road freight productivity in Rural and Regional NSW.

NSW Roads Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said "roads are the key transport mode for country residents and the NSW Government is determined to upgrade them".

"Even though times are tough, it's important to invest in vital transport infrastructure to help boost economic growth."

"A strong regional economy is important for a strong NSW and ensuring rural industries can get their goods to our international gateways as quickly and efficiently as possible is vital", Minister Gay said.

The total cost of the project is $12.2 million and it will provide a new bridge and road approaches to improve road freight productivity and improve safety and access for all road users.

There are more than 10,000 truck movements across the existing bridge each year which service the region's livestock, grain and cotton industries.

When completed the new bridge and approaches will form part of a continuous 600 kilometre route for heavy vehicles operating at higher mass limits on the Kamilaroi Highway.

Early work started in May 2014 on the road approaches to prepare for bridge building work.

Work is expected to be completed in late 2016, weather permitting.

Project objectives

Delivering the new $12.2 million Tulladunna Bridge will provide better access for freight trucks servicing the region's livestock, grain and cotton industries.

The new bridge will provide:

  • Access for trucks with no height or width restrictions
  • Improved safety for motorists
  • Lower bridge maintenance costs.

Key features

The replacement of this bridge will remove the only remaining bridge on the Kamilaroi Highway that cannot take heavy vehicles allowed to carry an increased maximum weight.

Trucks currently excluded because of the height restrictions of the current bridge will be able to access the region with a saving up to 2 hours in time.

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