Safety and rules (Bicycle rider handbook)

Welcome to a handbook for bicycle riders – a useful guide to riding your bicycle safely on NSW roads.

Cycling is an active form of transport for people of all ages - it's healthy, environmentally friendly and enjoyable. The NSW Government is committed to promoting cycling as a transport choice.

At the Roads and Maritime Services, our aim is to improve cycleway infrastructure and promote cycle safety. By working with local councils, schools, community groups and other government departments, we hope to create a better future for cyclists.

A handbook for bicycle riders contains valuable tips on road safety, bicycle maintenance, road rules and the legal aspects of riding your bicycle. You can also download a printed version.

In this section...

Wear the right gear

Choose the right bicycle and equipment

Maintain your bicycle

Keep your bicycle secure

Ride safely

Responsible riding on the road

Avoiding and managing crashes

Road rules for bicycle riders


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