Driver Licensing Access Program

The driver licensing access program helps remove the barriers that prevent Aboriginal people and other disadvantaged communities in NSW from entering the driver licensing system.

About the Driver Licensing Access Program

This program assists Aboriginal and other disadvantaged people to get and keep their driver licence and remain safe and legal drivers. Getting a driver licence contributes to improved access to education, employment, health and other community participation services.

We deliver driver licensing access programs across NSW that target Aboriginal and disadvantaged people in the Northern, Southern, Western, South West, Hunter and Sydney regions.

Service providers across NSW are engaged to deliver a range of driver licensing access services and culturally appropriate support and resources, including:

  • Literacy, numeracy and computer skills
  • Licensing enrolment support
  • Learner driver mentoring and supervision
  • Access to roadworthy vehicles
  • Debt negotiation and management
  • Road safety education and coaching.

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Pre Learners Course

The Pre Learners Course is for people who want to get their learner licence in a supported and culturally appropriate environment.

In the first instance service providers will help you to deal with various government agencies to make sure you have all the required identification and are clear to obtain your learner driver licence.  These agencies include Births Deaths and Marriages, Centrelink, State Debt Recovery Legal Services and Courts.

Assistance can be provided with:

  • State debt recovery – Sanctions lifted, fines addressed, Work development orders
  • Proof of identity - Original birth certificate
  • Centrelink - scheduled payments for time to pay
  • Habitual offenders – referral to Legal Service or Courts.

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Get Licenced, Get Legal, Get Work Program

The aim of the Get Licence, Get Legal, Get Work program is to assist learner drivers improve their literacy, numeracy and computer skills in order to pass the Driver Knowledge Test.  The program reinforces and tests knowledge of the Road Users Handbook whilst developing literacy skills.    

Once you have completed the Get Licence, Get Legal, Get Work program you are able to sit the Driver Knowledge Test at no cost at your local Service NSW Office.

The Get Licenced, Get Legal, Get Work is an education resource that has been specifically developed and is delivered as part of the Road and Maritime Service Driver Licencing Access Program.

The program has been designed to support Aboriginal and disadvantaged people to gain their learner driver licence through a number of contracted service providers. Service providers will assist you with the required knowledge to successfully pass the Learner Driver Knowledge Test.

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Learner and P Plate Driver Program

Now that you have completed a Get Licence, Get Legal, Get Work program and passed your Driver Knowledge Test you are ready to get on the road experience in a registered and roadworthy vehicle to equip you with road safety and driving skills.

Our service providers will provide mentoring and supervised professional driving lessons to those who have successfully gained their learner driver licence to increase capabilities and knowledge of safe driving when using NSW Roads. The program builds confidence in becoming a solo driver once you graduate to your provisional licence.

For every one hour structured driving lesson you complete with a licensed Driving Instructor, you can record three hours driving experience in your Log Book. A maximum of 10 hours of lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours driving experience.

This doesn’t mean that driving lessons with an instructor are compulsory, or that you should stop having lessons once you reach the 10 hour limit, if you feel you’d benefit from more lessons.

Driving lessons at night (between sunset and sunrise) count for only one hour of night driving. The other two hours are added to your day driving hours.

You can be provided access to a registered and road worthy vehicle to undertake driving lessons and driving test if required.

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