Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is the first stage in the licensing process. You must pass the DKT to get your learner licence.

What is the DKT?

The DKT is a computer-based road rules knowledge test. You have to answer 45 questions. A test fee is payable each time you attempt the test.

The computer selects the questions at random from a question bank of more than 600 questions.

There are specific tests for each class of licence:

  • Car (class C)
  • Rider (class R)
  • Rigid heavy vehicle (classes LR, MR and HR)
  • Combination heavy vehicle (classes HC and MC).

In the first part of the test, you’ll be asked 15 general knowledge questions, and you need to get at least 12 correct. You’ll then be asked 30 road safety questions (including traffic signs), and you need to get at least 29 correct.

If you get four questions wrong in the general knowledge section, or two wrong in the road safety section, the test will be automatically terminated.

There’s no time limit for completing the test – take your time to carefully read and consider each question.

Studying for your DKT

Everything you need to know to pass the DKT is included in the handbooks which you can access for free online, or buy from any registry or service centre:

There are no shortcuts to passing the test. If you don’t study the Road Users’ Handbook, you are unlikely to pass.

DKT Question Banks

You can access DKT Question Banks, which include all of the questions you can be asked during the test. There are three answer options given for each question, with the correct answer shown as the first option, and in bold text.

Question Banks:

Practice DKT

Once you’ve studied for the test, you can take the free online practice DKT. It is designed to help you become familiar with the test, and decide if you’re ready to attempt the test for real.

Experienced drivers can also take the practice test to check their knowledge of the road rules.

The practice test looks and operates like the real test. It consists of 45 questions drawn from the DKT Question Bank, and is available in the same languages as the real test.

Unlike the real test, the practice DKT allows you to finish all 45 questions, regardless of how many you get wrong. At the end of the practice test, you’ll be advised whether you passed or failed.

DKT iPhone app

The DKT iPhone app is available for download from the App Store or through iTunes. The app is identical to the online practice test, but with the added convenience of being available on your iPhone.

You will require an internet connection to access the DKT through the app.

The app is free to download, however normal internet fees and charges associated with your phone still apply. Check with your phone service provider for a breakdown of costs.

Booking your DKT

When you’re ready to take the test, you’ll need to make a booking, and pay the test fee.

Book your driver knowledge test online.

Taking the test

At your booked time, you’ll need to attend the nominated location to do your test. You’ll need to provide a completed Licence Application form and prove your identity.

Taking the test in another language

The DKT is available in:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Greek
  • Korean
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

A free interpreter service is also provided to applicants who need to take the test in any other language. Please call 13 22 13 to make arrangements for an interpreter.

Special needs or learning difficulties

If you have trouble understanding or reading the questions, our staff can assist by reading questions to you, and explaining the test questions.

An audio version of the test (where you listen to the questions being asked through headphones) is also available, in all of the languages listed in the previous section.
If you have special needs, you (or your representative) should call 13 22 13 to discuss any issues or special arrangements you may require before you book the test.

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