Rider provisional P2 licence

Once you’ve held your provisional P1 rider licence for at least 12 months, you can apply for your P2 rider licence. Riders over 25 years old may be exempt from the P2 licence stage.

Getting your P2 rider licence

To apply for your provisional P2 rider licence you must have held your P1 rider licence for at least 12 months.

There are no courses or tests required.

You’ll need to attend a registry or service centre in person and:

Once you pay the required fee, your photo will be taken. Your licence card will be posted to you. You’ll receive a temporary paper licence, which you can use to ride, until your new card arrives.

Your P2 rider licence is valid for 30 months. You can renew it if required.

If you’re over 25

If you’re 25 or over, you may be exempt from the P2 licence stage.

To qualify for the exemption, you must:

  • Be 25 or older when you apply for the full rider licence
  • Hold a current Australian full driver licence
  • Have completed at least 12 months on your P1 rider licence
  • Meet any other relevant licensing requirements.

Rules for P2 riders

In addition to complying with the NSW Road Rules, you must:

  • Only ride a motorcycle approved for novice riders
  • Only ride motorcycles if your licence is class R only. You need a class C or above licence to drive cars, or any other vehicle
  • Have a P plate displayed (green P on a white background) clearly on the rear of the motorcycle. The letter P on the plate must not be hidden
  • Observe a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h, and observe the posted speed limit, where it’s below 100 km/h
  • Not lane filter
  • Not exceed zero blood alcohol concentration. This means you cannot have any alcohol in your system when you ride a motorcycle. It’s also illegal to ride under the influence of drugs
  • Not use any mobile phone, including hands free devices or loudspeaker, while riding, while your motorcycle is moving or is stopped but not parked
  • Wear an approved motorcycle helmet..

Failure to comply is an offence and carries heavy penalties, including loss of licence.

Demerit points

Demerit points apply to P2 riders. Your P2 rider licence will be suspended or refused if you reach or exceed 7 demerit points in a 3 year period.

Speeding offences

All speeding offences accrue at least 4 demerit points. An additional suspension or refusal period will apply for any excessive speed offence (more than 30km/h over the speed limit).

Progressing to a full rider licence

After you’ve held your provisional P2 rider licence for at least 24 months, you can apply for a full rider licence. No tests or courses are required.

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