Practical riding test

You need to pass a practical riding test (the Motorcycle Operator Skill Test) to get your provisional P1 rider licence.

About the practical riding test

The riding test is designed to measure your ability to handle a motorcycle, including starting, accelerating, turning and braking.

The test forms part of the pre-provisional rider training course. You can also take a practical riding test at a registry or service centre in areas where the rider training scheme isn't available.

How the test works

The test consists of 8 test segments. None of the segments are difficult or dangerous for a skilled rider.

To pass, you have to complete all of the test segments. When you're on the test course, you’ll be given specific instructions for each test.

Points are accrued for errors, such as touching painted lines, putting your foot down on the ground during a test, or hitting cones:

  • If you stall the engine during a test, you will accumulate points.
  • If you fail to conduct a headcheck before moving away during a test, you’ll also accumulate points.

To pass, you need to score 8 points or less. A score of 9 or more points is a fail.

If you're taking the test as part of a pre-provisional course, you can watch other people undertaking their test, but please respect their right to privacy and a fair attempt at the test.

When to take the test

You can take the practical riding test once you’re at least 17 years old, and have held your learner rider licence for at least 3 months.

You shouldn’t feel under any pressure to take the test. You can continue to practice riding on your learner rider licence for as long as you need, provided you renew it.

Be aware however that you need to take and pay for the pre-learner course again if you renew your learner rider licence.

Booking the test

When you’re ready to take the test, you’ll need to make a booking and pay the required fee.

You can find a training centre where you can take a pre-provisional course, or if you're in an areas where rider training isn't available, you can book a practical riding test at a registry or service centre.

Rider Training Course bookings have changed

From 01 March 2018 customers in declared areas wanting to book and pay for Rider Pre-Learner, Pre-Provisional Training & Practical Skills Test, must book directly with a rider training course provider. For more information please go to our Rider training centres web page.

IMPORTANT: To book training you must have a current a NSW Driver licence, NSW Photocard or Customer Number. If not, attend a Service Centre or Registry to apply for a Customer Number.

Full Proof of Identity (POI) will be required to obtain a customer number.

Kerbside practical riding tests  in undeclared areas can be booked by phoning 13 22 13 or in person at any registry or service centre. Practical riding tests in undeclared areas can’t be booked online.

On the day

At your booked time, you’ll need to attend the nominated location.

See Pre-provisional course for information about what you need to bring on the day.

You’ll need to provide a suitable motorcycle for the test, which must be registered and roadworthy. You’ll also need to wear an Australian Standard AS1698 approved helmet.

If there’s any suspicion that you’ve recently taken alcohol or another drug, the test will be cancelled, and there will be no refund of the test fee.

If you offer money, some other bribe, or try to influence a testing officer, the test will be stopped, and the matter reported to the police.

Test instructions

The testing officer will give you specific instructions at the beginning of each test segment. You'll be tested on a number of specific test manoeuvres.

If you do not understand the test, ask the testing officer to explain it again. Only begin the test activity if you fully understand what you’re being asked to do.

If you feel that any element of the test is beyond your skill level, tell the testing officer.

Test termination

Your test may be terminated by the testing officer if any of the following occurs:

  • You accumulate 9 or more points – test failed
  • You disregard instructions from the testing officer
  • You fail to understand the testing officer’s instructions
  • You perform an unsafe act at any point during the test
  • You display gross inability to ride a motorcycle in any aspect of the test
  • You drop the motorcycle, or fall from, or with it
  • You take excessive time to complete the test
  • You leave the test area.
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