Rider Training Scheme

If you live in an area where it’s available, you must complete the Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme to get your rider licence.

What is the Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme?

The Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme is a training and testing program specifically designed to help people gain basic riding skills, whilst learning to ride on the road.

There are two levels of training:

  • Pre-learner
  • Pre-provisional.

The training includes both on and off-road activities.

Check the list of approved training centres to find one near you, or call Roads and Maritime on 13 22 13.

Even if you live in an area where there are no training centres (undeclared areas), we encourage you to attend a rider training course if possible, as the course will help you develop your riding skills.

Booking your training course

You need to book directly with your chosen training course provider. Our Rider training centres page lists all the providers and their contact details. You’ll need to pay the course fee when you book, so if you book online or by phone you’ll need a credit card.

You should also let the training provider know if you want to learn to ride a motor scooter.

Important: You must have a current NSW driver licence, NSW Photocard or Roads and Maritime Customer Number before you can book a course. If you don’t have at least one of these, you will need to go to a service centre in person and apply for a Customer Number. You will need to provide full proof of your identity to apply.

Changing or cancelling a booking

If you need to change or cancel a booking, contact the training provider directly. Changes are subject to the terms and conditions of your booking, as are refunds of course fees.

Course types

Pre-learner course

You need to complete the pre-learner course to get your learner rider licence, if you live in an area where training is available. The course is designed for people with no previous motorcycle riding experience.

Pre-provisional course

You need to complete the pre-provisional course to move up to your P1 rider licence, if you live in an area where training is available. The course includes a practical riding test which you need to pass before you can apply for your P1.

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