Apply for a NSW licence – overseas licence holders

If you have an overseas licence and you've moved to NSW, you can apply in person for a NSW driver licence. Here's how.

How to apply for a NSW licence

To apply for a NSW driver or rider licence, you'll need to book an appointment at a service centre. You can book online or call 13 22 13 to make an appointment.

Make sure you bring your:

At the service centre you'll need to pass a knowledge test and driving/riding test, unless you are exempt. You'll also need to pass an eyesight test and have your photo taken.

We will post your new licence will to you. Our staff will give you a temporary paper licence to drive or ride with until your new card arrives.

What happens to your overseas licence

When you have a NSW licence, it becomes the licence of authority for you to drive or ride on NSW roads.

As you can only hold one licence at a time in Australia by law, the details of your overseas licence will be recorded in our system. Your overseas licence is no longer recognised and has no authority while you hold a NSW licence.

When driving or riding in NSW, you must follow all the conditions, restrictions or limitations applied to your NSW licence. If the police ask you to produce your licence in relation to a driving matter, you must provide your NSW licence.

If you don't pass the licensing tests

If you fail a driving or riding test, your visiting driver or rider privileges will no longer apply.

If you want to keep using NSW roads, you need to apply for a NSW learner driver licence or learner rider licence. Follow all the conditions that apply to learners in NSW.


If you fail the driving test, you can re-attempt the test for a provisional or full licence after a week has passed since your last driving test.


If you hold a full overseas rider licence and fail the NSW riding test, you must get a NSW learner rider licence before you can attempt another riding test. You will not need to attend the pre-learner or pre-provisional rider training course.

If you hold an overseas learner rider licence and fail the riding test, you must get a NSW learner rider licence. You must complete the pre-learner and pre-provisional courses before you can attempt another riding test.

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