Caravan and camper trailer motor vehicle tax reduction

The NSW Government has reduced the motor vehicle tax on privately-registered caravans and camper trailers by 40%.

This reduction applies to new registrations and renewals of privately-registered towed caravans and purpose-built camper trailers, from 255kg up to 4.5 tonnes.

The vehicle tax is reduced in response to community and caravan industry feedback around the lesser use of caravans compared with the average car.

It is also forms part of the NSW Government’s program of rebates and savings to help reduce the cost of living for people and families across NSW. This includes Senior Cards, Toll Relief and Active Kids. To find out more visit the Service NSW website.

Frequently asked questions

  • This initiative complements pensioner registration concessions, which provides exemptions from certain registration costs on one vehicle. A pensioner receiving a concession on a vehicle other than their caravan or camper trailer is still be eligible for the 40% motor vehicle tax reduction.
  • Motor vehicle tax is based on the tare weight of a vehicle to reflect the damage that is causes to the road network.

    Other jurisdictions have different laws and funding policies; however, all vehicle weight tax revenue in NSW is directed to the Roads Program. This program funds road safety initiatives, maintains the road network and improves traffic management. This is not the case in other jurisdictions.

  • Customers will still be required to pay all other annual NSW registration costs, including administration fees; however, the motor vehicle tax component for eligible caravans and camper trailers will be reduced by 40%.
  • No, the reduction will be automatically applied to new registrations and renewals due from 1 November 2018.
  • The reduction applies to towed caravans and purpose-built camper trailers, weighing from 255kg and up to 4.5 tonnes, which is designed to bring these motor vehicle taxes more into line with other jurisdictions.

    Motorised vehicles, such as motorhomes and campervans, are not eligible for the reduction. NSW registration costs for privately registered motorhomes and campervans (up to 4.5 tonnes) are predominantly consistent with costs in other states.

    Motorhomes that weigh more than 4.5 tonnes are considered to be heavy vehicles and fall under national pricing which is the responsibility of the Australian Government.



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