Vehicle Standards Information sheets (VSI)

Roads and Maritime Services has developed these Vehicle standards information sheets to provide vehicle owners and operators with the latest vehicle standards information in NSW.

VSI 03 - Windscreens and window tinting

VSI 04 - Registration of imported vehicles in NSW

VSI 05 - Light vehicle dimension limits

VSI 06 - Light vehicle modifications

VSI 08 - Flashing lights and sirens

VSI 09 - Guidelines for alternative wheels and tyres

VSI 10 - Carrying bicycles on motor vehicles

VSI 16 - Natural gas fuel systems for motor vehicles

VSI 18 - Dimension and mass limits for vehicle combinations

VSI 21 - Vehicles modified for people with disabilities

VSI 22 - Electric brakes fitted to large trailers

This VSI is currently being updated. In the interim please refer to the Authorised Inspection Scheme Business Rules (PDF, 1.04Mb).

VSI 27 - Mopeds and power-assisted pedal cycles

VSI 28 - Guidelines for modification to motorcycles

VSI 31 - Guide on fitting ladder racks to light vehicles

VSI 37 - Reporting of vehicle defects - information for fleet owners

VSI 40 - Registration of left hand drive vehicles

VSI 41 - Guidelines for A-Frame towing

VSI 42 - Stretched limousines - exemption from aspects of ADR 58/00

VSI 43 - Transporting rowing boats

VSI 44 - Retro-fitting seat belts to buses and coaches

VSI 46 - Exemption permit process for approval and registration of non-complying special purpose vehicles

VSI 48 - Changing the GVM of goods vehicles with alternative identification plates

VSI 52 - Certification of new trailers up to and including 4.5 tonnes aggregate trailer mass

VSI 53 - What is an individually constructed vehicle?

VSI 57 - Drving in ice and snow conditions

VSI 60 - Carrying motorised mobility devices and motor cycles on vehicles

VSI 62 - Transporting yachts on trailers

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