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Conditional registration

Non-complying vehicles are only offered conditional registration if it is safe to do so and a complying vehicle cannot perform the function.

The following factors are considered when deciding an Application for Conditional Registration and the conditions that are applied to the registration:

  • The nature and extent of any failure of the vehicle to meet applicable vehicle standards
  • The safety of:
    • The vehicle operator
    • The vehicle’s passengers (if any)
    • The vehicle mixing with other normal complying vehicles
    • The vehicle mixing with pedestrians
  • Time of day or night of operation
  • Special considerations relating to the area of operation (if any).

Note: Operators of oversize and overmass vehicles must also comply with the conditions of the relevant access notice or permit. For more information contact Special Permits Unit on 1300 656 371 for intrastate permits, and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on 1300 696 487 for interstate permits.

Driver licence

Class C

Equipment requirements

  • Second hand excavators manufactured before 21 October 1994 and which are owned by primary producers in drought declared areas are exempt from the essential equipment requirements for this type of vehicle
  • Reflective tape may be used if standard rear reflectors cannot be fitted to the vehicle
  • All lighting must be fitted as near as possible to the position specified in Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 for light vehicles or Schedule 2 of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation (NSW) for heavy vehicles.
Equipment Daylight / floodlit use
Amber rotating beacon Yes
Brake and turn lights No
Headlights, tail, number plate and clearance lights No
Rear reflectors Yes
Rear and side reflective tape No
Rear vision mirror(s) Yes
Horn Yes


Condition Code
Daylight / floodlit worksite use only TD1
Flashing amber beacon required and must be used when vehicle moving SL1
Vehicle to be floated from site to site (except that it can travel in areas designated in L05) L099
Use only within a defined area or construction zone L05

Steering failure warning device/sign required
Note: Only applies to vehicles with hydraulic steering.


‘Left-hand drive’ sign required
Note: Only applies to vehicles with left-hand steering fitted


Roads and Maritime Services office use

Code Type Code
Vehicle shape AGP / EWP / LLP / RWP

Compulsory Third Party insurance class
Note: If FARM or UFRM, a Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession must be presented with the Application for Conditional Registration.

Conditional registration –

Unregistered Vehicle Permit –

Registration usage RDWK / RWDN (if NRTC vehicle over 4.5 tonnes GVM)
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