Automatic registration renewal for eligible concession card holders

If you are a pension concession card holder and receive free vehicle registration, your vehicle’s registration may be eligible for automatic renewal.

About automatic registration renewal

If you're an eligible concession card holder with zero payment owing on your registration renewal notice, automatic registration renewal allows for your registration to be renewed automatically. You need to meet the necessary criteria, and Roads and Maritime must receive confirmation you have purchased CTP insurance and obtained a safety inspection report for your vehicle (if required).


You are eligible for automatic registration renewal if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Hold a current pension concession card at the time of registration renewal
  • Receive free registration
  • Have no restrictions on your vehicle or driver licence.

Auto registration renewal only applies to one nominated vehicle.


If you meet all the selection criteria, your registration will be automatically renewed by completing the following steps:

  1. Visit your mechanic
    If your registration renewal notice says 'inspection required' you need to visit your mechanic and get your vehicle inspected. Once your vehicle has passed the safety inspection, your mechanic will notify Roads and Maritime electronically. You can choose a six or 12 month registration period. A change of registration period may impact inspection requirements.
  2. Get your CTP insurance
    Registration renewal requires a current CTP insurance policy. Once your CTP is renewed, your insurer will notify Roads and Maritime electronically. If you leave purchasing a CTP too late, the auto renewal process may not work as Roads and Maritime will not receive notification in time.
  3. Confirm your concession
    Once Roads and Maritime receives confirmation of your safety inspection (if required) and CTP insurance, we will check your pensioner status.

Renewal confirmation

If you have an online account you will receive an email or text message letting you know when the registration is renewed. Otherwise, you will only receive a notification if your vehicle registration renewal has failed. You can also check to confirm that your registration has been renewed by visiting Check registration & history or calling 13 22 13.

The automatic registration renewal process means you don’t have to visit a registry or Service NSW centre to renew your registration.

Frequently asked questions

  • If you are a newly eligible pensioner, you are entitled to receive free registration on one vehicle. You must notify Roads and Maritime of your pension status and meet all the other eligibility criteria in order to receive a free registration on your nominated vehicle.
  • Eligible pensioners are entitled to a free registration on one vehicle only. You must nominate a vehicle for free registration when you submit your information for renewal.
  • Automatic renewal will only take place if you remain eligible for a pension concession, and you have no current restrictions on your vehicle or driver licence.

    If your circumstances change between the time we issue your vehicle’s registration renewal notice and the time you obtain the safety inspection and CTP insurance, you will need to process the registration renewal yourself by visiting a registry or service centre.

    This is also a good time to update any of your other details if they have changed.

  • If you change your registration usage to pensioner within six weeks of the registration expiry date, the vehicle will not be eligible for automatic registration renewal. You will need to renew the registration yourself by visiting a registry or service centre of by calling the contact centre on 13 77 88.
  • Normally, the automatic registration renewal occurs when the CTP insurance (except for trailers) and safety inspection (if required) report are received by Roads and Maritime electronically.

    However, the automatic registration is renewed 10 days before expiry:

    • For trailers that do not require an inspection
    • When the CTP insurance (except trailers) and safety inspection (if required) report are received before the registration renewal notice is issued (registration renewal notices are normally issued six weeks before expiry).
  • If you prefer to renew the registration yourself, contact Roads and Maritime and ask to opt out. Be sure to opt-out before you obtain the CTP insurance (except trailers) and safety inspection report (if required). If you opt out, you will need to visit a registry or service centre to renew your registration.
  • Registration renewal will occur when the vehicle inspection report (if required) and the first CTP insurance policy are received by Roads and Maritime.

    If a safety inspection is required but not yet received, then the last CTP insurance policy received will be used on receipt of the safety inspection report.

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