Hills M2 Motorway

Linking the Westlink M7 to the Lane Cove Tunnel.

The Hills M2 is a 21 kilometre, 6 lane motorway that links the lower north short and the north-west regions of Sydney. It is an important section of the Sydney Orbital road network, linking the M7 and the Lane Cove Tunnel.  

The Hills M2 is a fully electronic toll road with no toll booths.

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Fast facts

  • Opened: May 1997
  • Length: 20.1km
  • Connects: The M7 and the Lane Cove Tunnel.
  • Toll type: Flat rate, charged northbound and southbound.
  • Toll payment: Electronic tag and NSW pass only
  • Handback date: 26 May 2046.


  • Quicker journey times between Sydney's north-west and the central Sydney area
  • Improved traffic flow on the arterial road network, due to reduced traffic on these roads
  • Dedicated bus lanes
  • Improved travel times for bus routes between the north-west and the city
  • Safe access to bus terminals located in the central median of the M2
  • Safe and efficient access across the M2 through numerous underground or overhead pedestrian ways, including:
    • Cropley Drive and Watkins Road (Winston Hills)
    • Barclay Road (North Rocks)
    • Oakes Road (Carlingford)
    • Kirkham Street, also known as Murray Farm Bridge Road (Beecroft).

Key features

  • 5 major interchanges
  • Direct access to the M2 from Westlink M7 and the Lane Cove Tunnel
  • 24-hour safety monitoring and breakdown assistance
  • Norfolk Tunnel – 3 lanes in each direction
  • Approximately 100,000 square metres of sound reducing noise walls.

Travel time information

Travel time information is displayed on the Hills M2, between Seven Hills and Macquarie Park.

Estimated time to key exits and interchanges is displayed on electronic signs above the roadway.

Upgrade project

The Hills M2 upgrade started in January 2011 and was completed in August 2013.

The upgrade involved building an extra lane in each direction between Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills and Lane Cove Road to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion for motorists. The upgraded Hills M2 relieves congestion and provides motorists and commuters with reduced travel times during peak hours.

Features of the upgrade

The upgrade delivered:

  • New west facing Windsor Road on and off-ramps
  • An additional eastbound lane from Windsor Road to Pennant Hills Road
  • An additional eastbound lane from Pennant Hills Rd through the M2 Tunnel to Lane Cove Road
  • The new Christie Road eastbound on-ramp
  • The new Herring Road westbound off-ramp
  • Additional westbound lane from Beecroft Road to Pennant Hills Road
  • Widened road between Lane Cove Road and Beecroft Road to reinstate the 3.5 metre traffic lanes and 2.5 metre breakdown shoulder for cyclists
  • Norfolk Tunnel widened in both directions.

Upgrade benefits

  • Reduced congestion during morning and afternoon peak periods
  • New access points to Sydney's growing residential and business
  • Restoration of a 100km/h speed limit along the motorway from Lane Cove Road to Beecroft Road
  • New entry/exit points to create opportunities for additional public transport services and facilities
  • Increased capacity to accommodate planned future residential and business growth
  • An estimated 12% reduction in travel time for bus commuters, with a 5 minute travel time saving expected between Seven Hills and Macquarie Park.

Lane Cove Road Ramp

The Lane Cove Road Ramp provides an eastbound on-ramp from Lane Cove Road to the Hills M2 and a widened motorway between the ramp and the Delhi Road off-ramp.

Major construction started in November 2013 and was completed in July 2014. The $22 million project was fully funded by Hills Motorway and paid for through revenue from a toll on vehicles using the ramp.


  • Avoid up to 6 sets of traffic lights, compared to the alternative route via Lane Cove Road and Epping Road
  • Avoid 20 sets of lights rather than using the Pacific Highway from Ryde Road to the Gore Hill Freeway
  • A quicker journey from Lane Cove Road to Delhi Road.

Key features

  • Eastbound on-ramp from Lane Cove Road to the Hills M2 Motorway
  • Widening of the eastbound carriageway of the Hills M2 Motorway by one additional lane from the on-ramp to the beginning of the eastbound Delhi Road off-ramp
  • Widening of the Wicks Road Bridge
  • Modified traffic management systems, including an over-height detection system using existing Variable Message Signage and CCTV coverage of the new on-ramp.
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