Mobility permits for motorcycles and convertibles

Find out how to apply for a mobility parking permit for a motorcycle, motor tricycle or convertible.

How to get a mobility parking motorcycle permit

If you're eligible for the Mobility Parking Scheme, you can apply a permit for an open style vehicle like a motorcycle, motor tricycle or convertible sports car.

To get a permit the vehicle must be registered in your name or in your and your partner's names. You'll need to complete the application form and apply in person at a service centre.

When your application is accepted, the permit will be posted to you. It should arrive within 10 working days.

The permit will have the number plate of your motorcycle or convertible on it. You will also be sent an Australian Disability Parking Permit if you don't already have one.

Displaying the permit on your motorcycle

Your permit must be displayed in a spot where it can be clearly seen. The side marked 'Display this side' must be showing at all times.

You can permanently fix the permit to your motorcycle so it is secure. You can only use the permit on the vehicle that matches the number plate listed on the card.

To get a parking concession you must display both your NSW mobility parking and your Australian Disability Parking permits.

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