Hills M2 Motorway

The Hills M2 is a 21km motorway serving Sydney’s North-West, extending from the Westlink M7 at Seven Hills to the Lane Cove Tunnel at Macquarie Park. The Hills M2 is a fully electronic toll road with no toll booths, and forms part of the Sydney Orbital Network.

Travel time information on the Hills M2

Travel time information is now available on the Hills M2, between Seven Hills and Macquarie Park.
The travel time system uses overhead electronic message signs to display the estimated length of time it should take to reach upcoming motorway exits, based on the current traffic flow. Travel time estimates are updated every three minutes to provide the most accurate estimates reflecting current traffic conditions.

Typical travel time messages will include the estimated travel time to reach two upcoming motorway exits. For example, the example image below shows the estimated time of travel from the electronic message sign to the Christie Road exit as nine minutes, and the estimated time of travel between the electronic message sign and the Lane Cove Road exit as twelve minutes.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Hills M2 is one of the main transport corridors for North Western Sydney, and forms a key part of the Sydney Orbital Network, forming a seamless link between the Lane Cove Tunnel and Westlink M7.

    Travel Time has been made available on the Hills M2 as part of a program to provide travel time information to motorists across the entire Sydney motorway network.

  • The travel time system displays estimates of the time it should take road users to reach upcoming motorway exits from the electronic message sign, based on the current traffic flow. The estimated times are updated every three minutes to reflect the current traffic conditions and provide the most accurate travel times.
  • Estimated travel times are refreshed and displayed on the electronic message signs every three minutes.
  • Travel time estimates will be displayed between 4am and 10pm, seven days a week.
  • Travel times will not be displayed between 10pm and 4am, as this is outside the hours of operation.

    Where there are any incidents which cause a significant impact on traffic flow along the motorway, or in periods of extremely heavy congestion, the electronic message signs will be used to communicate specific information about the incident or current traffic conditions, rather than travel time estimates.

  • Travel times estimates are being obtained under licence from Google Australia, who compute the estimates using GPS data gathered from participating smartphone users.
  • It is important to remember the travel times displayed are estimates only. Travel time estimates are continuously calculated to provide the most accurate and current estimates.

    Your actual travel time will depend on your speed and any changes to traffic conditions that may occur during your journey.

  • The system is currently being verified by detecting vehicles equipped with electronic tags using readers installed at various points along the road, and calculating the time taken to get from one point to the next.

    This will ensure that the travel times displayed on the electronic message signs remain as accurate as possible.

  • Your electronic tolling tag will beep only when it passes under a tolling point. You will not hear a ‘beep’ or any other tone when passing readers installed as part of the new travel time system.
  • Existing tolling arrangements on the Hills M2 will remain. No additional tolls or any other additional fees will be collected as a result of the new travel time system.
  • No. All travel time data retrieved by Roads and Maritime Services is anonymous, and cannot be used to identify any individual road user or vehicle.
  • No. The system is not able to measure speed at any one point, and cannot identify individual road users.
  • The electronic message signs may appear blank during routine maintenance of the signs, or if there has been a power or equipment failure.
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