Rest area parking restrictions trial

Vehicles over 12 tonne GVM excepted

Transport for NSW aims to reduce fatigue-related crashes by developing a network of well-placed rest areas across New South Wales. Rest areas provide opportunities for all road users to take rest breaks, in order to help them manage their fatigue

We are carrying out a trial of parking restrictions in two rest areas on the Pacific Highway in Northern NSW. The trial is in response to an increase in the number of light and recreational vehicles parking in the spaces designated for heavy vehicles.

The trial is being conducted in Yelgun and Arrawarra rest areas. The trial consists of

  • No parking in heavy vehicle spaces for vehicles under 12 tonnes, e.g. light and recreational vehicles.
  • four hour parking restrictions for light and recreational vehicles in the general parking areas.

Trial rest area locations

More information on the trial can be found in the frequently asked questions.



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