Work Health and Safety

At Roads and Maritime Services our vision is to create a workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.

WHS policy statement

Our WHS policy reflects our moral and legal duty to ensure the health and safety of our workers and others affected by our work.

It states our vision and the principles we follow to effectively manage WHS.

The policy affirms our commitment to safety as our primary value. this enables effective WHS management and contributes to better business outcomes.

WHS strategy 2015-19

Our WHS strategy describes our approach to implement the principles set out in the policy. It guides us in achieving our WHS goals and creating healthier and safer workplaces.

Our annual WHS program details what we will do and when, to deliver our vision and to evaluate the success of the key focus areas and specific projects.

Each year, objectives and priorities are reviewed and updated. Our progress is measured and performance results published in the Roads and Maritime Services Annual Report.

OneRMS safety management system (OneRMS SMS)

The OneRMS SMS describes our agency's arrangements for managing WHS.

It states our requirements and takes into account our risk context and key priorities. The requirements set out minimum standards to drive best practice and a consistent approach to the way we manage our WHS risks across the agency and with industry partners.

We focus on understanding our risks and risk controls to continually improve safety performance and create a safe and healthy environment.


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