Asset management – whole-of-lifecycle approach

The whole-of-lifecycle approach is an integrated, holistic approach to safety that takes advantage of the positive impact of early planning and design on safety and efficiency goals.

Design safety – lifecycle management

Roads and Maritime’s infrastructure system is designed to consider safety in relation to future construction, operation, maintenance, modification and demolition. Design safety exploits opportunities to eliminate hazards in the design phase of the asset or project lifecycle.

Human factors considerations are an integral part of this process to systematically address issues such as human performance, error, workload, situation awareness, physical layouts, workplace environment factors and interface design (eg signage, markings, traffic lights, intelligent transport system).

See Design safety lifecycle management framework.

WHS in procurement

Roads and Maritime incorporates WHS considerations and risk management processes into procurement decisions by:

  • Clearly communicating WHS standards, responsibilities and expectations within procurement and contract documentation
  • Sharing WHS risk information specific to the goods and services being procured
  • Seeking assurance from our industry partners that WHS performance is being actively managed commensurate with the risk profile of products and services provided
  • Making informed procurement decisions based on prospective analysis of foreseeable risks, and the demonstrated WHS capability and performance of industry partners.

See WHS in procurement framework.



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