Tags and passes

All of Sydney’s tollroads are fully cashless which means that you need to pay with an electronic tag or pass.

There is a range of electronic tag and pass products available through different providers. Each provider may apply different charges, deposits and top-up amounts.


Electronic tags are the easiest way to pay motorway tolls. Even if you only travel on a tollroad once or twice a year, an electronic tag is a cost efficient way to pay for your tolls. Most tag products generally require you to pay a security deposit and a pre-paid toll balance. When the pre-paid toll balance drops to a certain amount, your toll account is topped up by the tag provider using your nominated credit card or bank account.


An electronic pass is an arrangement where your number plate is temporarily recorded in the tolling system. If you are visiting Sydney or are an infrequent user of toll roads, this may be your best payment option for the fully electronic motorways. With pass products you'll pay a video matching fee for each trip you make on a motorway. Motorcyclists can also purchase a quarterly electronic pass from Roads and Maritime E-Toll that allows unlimited travel on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel. 

Where to purchase a tag or pass

What happens if I use a toll road without a tag or pass?

A Toll Notice will be sent to the registered owner of vehicle if you use a toll road without paying by tag or pass. Toll Notices require payment of the toll plus an administration fee (typically $10) to cover the extra cost of collecting the toll in this manner. Failure to pay a Toll Notice may result in a Penalty Notice being issued.

What do the beeps mean?

As you travel through a toll point, your electronic tag will usually make a beeping noise to advise you whether the trip has been recorded.

Different electronic tag products make different noises and you should familiarise yourself with what noise your electronic tag makes to let you know your trip has been paid for.

If your electronic tag fails to beep as you pass through the toll point, you may have a problem with your electronic tag and you should contact your provider for more information.

Roads and Maritime
(pre July 2013)
Roads and Maritime
(post July 2013)
Toll recorded. Enough credit on balancebeep
blip blip
<blip blip>
At some toll plazas, tags will emit the following sound if the account balance is low – top up as soon as possiblebeep.....beep beeo
<beep....beep beep>
beep beep
<beep beep>
Account has been deactivated, suspended or cancelled – you may receive a toll notice – call your tolling provider immediatelybeep beep beep beep
<beep beep beep beep>

beep beep beep beep
<beep beep beep beep>

beep beep beep
<beep beep beep>

There may be a problem, check that your tag is installed according to the instructions provided and if the problem persists call your tolling providerNo soundNo soundNo sound
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