M5 Cashback scheme

Claim back tolls on the M5.

The NSW Government M5 Cashback Scheme allows NSW residents to claim back the value of tolls (excluding GST) paid while using a vehicle registered in NSW for private, pensioner or charitable use on the M5 South Western Motorway.

Who can claim Cashback?

To claim Cashback you need to pay your M5 tolls using an electronic tolling account registered for Cashback.

You can only claim Cashback if:

  • You are a NSW resident
  • Your vehicle is registered in NSW for private, pensioner or charitable use.
    • Trips made using government or business registered vehicles (including vehicles provided as part of a salary package), leased vehicles, rented vehicles, smash repair courtesy vehicles, car dealership loan vehicles, interstate registered vehicles or any other vehicle where business usage is shown on the registration papers, for example 'business general' or 'primary producer' are not eligible.
  • You have registered for M5 Cashback with your tolling provider
  • You have paid M5 tolls using a NSW issued electronic tag or tagless account
  • You have submitted your claim within 12 months of the close of the Cashback quarter. Claims received more than 12 months after the close of each quarter are not accepted.

Your eligibility for a Cashback rebate starts from the first day of the month in which you register for Cashback. M5 tolls paid before the date you register will not be refunded.

Register for Cashback

You can register for Cashback at any time by contacting your electronic tolling account provider.

If you don’t have an electronic tolling account, you can join one of the following providers who participate in Cashback:

Please note, if you register for the Cashback Scheme, your vehicle may be photographed at the M5 toll plazas for audit purposes.

Make a claim

Roads and Maritime Services pays Cashback rebates on a quarterly basis.

There are two ways to claim Cashback:

  1. Online:
    Login to your tolling account through your electronic tolling account provider’s website and click on the Claim Cashback link. A secure Roads and Maritime Cashback Online Claim site will appear in a new browser window. Follow the easy steps and submit your claim online.

  2. Post:
    Send the transaction statements supplied by your electronic tolling account provider that list your tollway usage and a completed Cashback claim form to:

    Roads and Maritime Services M5 Cashback
    Locked Bag 3
    Dubbo NSW 2830


Online claims

Your rebate will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into a savings or cheque account you nominate in your online application.

Paper claims

For claims lodged via post, your rebate will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into a savings or cheque account you nominate on the claim form.

To ensure your rebates are paid by EFT, please complete the EFT section (section B) of the Cashback claim form. Whenever your banking details change you must update the EFT section on the claim form.

More information

For more information about the M5 Cashback scheme, or to enquire about a lodged Cashback rebate, please contact the M5 Cashback Office:

Phone: 1300 133 310

Email: cashback@rms.nsw.gov.au.

For other tolling enquiries, such as tag violations and broken tags, or to obtain copies of statements, change credit card details or name and address details you will need to contact your account provider. Refer to your account statement for contact details.

Frequently asked questions

  • Online claims are processed within 7 working days. Paper claims are processed within 20 working days.
  • No. All claims are paid by EFT into a savings or cheque account.
  • No. Cashback can only be claimed for the M5.
  • No. Only tolls paid with through an electronic account can be rebated.
  • No. You must have a registered toll tag to claim Cashback.
  • No. Only NSW toll providers can facilitate Cashback rebates.
  • No. Contact your tag provider to update your account. The updated details will be passed through to the Cashback system.
  • No. Please contact us on 1300 133 310 if you need information on your previous rebates.
  • No. The rebate does not include GST.
  • Please contact us on 1300 133 310.
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